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Fast Fun Letter and Word Card Game

WordScout Wiz

Ages: 8+

Players: 2-6

Playtime: 5-10 minutes

The super fun Fast Pace Words Card Game for the entire family.​

Use your letter cards to build words and win the game.


- Visual Perception

- Spelling skills

- Communication 

- Speech and Language 

- Processing Speed

- Attention and Focus

- Problem Solving 



85 Playing Cards

Rules and Game Variations

Fast Fun Word Building Card Game
Use Letter Cards to Form Words
WordScout Wiz Instructions
WordScout Wiz Instructions
WordScout Wiz Play Options / Variations



Age: 7+

Players: 2-6


Score the most cards



- Shuffle the cards and give each player 5 cards

- Place 10 cards face up to form the STOCK pile

- Place the remaining cards face down to form the DRAW pile



- Youngest player starts

- Use your cards to form a word with the top letter from the STOCK pile

- If you can form a word, you will score (get) all the cards you just used; then take a card from the DRAW pile

- If you cannot form a word, take a card from the DRAW pile

- Taking a new card ends your turn; the player to your left gets the chance to form a word now



- You must use at least 3 cards to form a word (2 letter words are not allowed)

- If you have used all your cards, take 5 new cards form the DRAW pile but don’t form a new word until your next turn

- If you want to exchange cards, you may do so in a 2:1 ratio (return 2 to the bottom of the draw pile and take 1 new card) and that ends your turn



The round is over once a player forms a word with the letter on the last card of the STOCK pile



- The player with the most cards wins the round

- In a tie (equal amount of cards) the player who got the most A’s wins; if still tied move on to B’s; if still tied move on to C’s and so on



The player who first wins 3 rounds wins the game

Try these WordScout Wiz play options!


Quick Wiz:

Every player receives 5 cards, the STOCK pile is face down. Turn the top card of the STOCK pile face up. Every player tries to form a word at the same time using the top letter


The Alphabet Wiz:

Place all letters from A-Z in the STOCK pile and play for all 26 letters


The Elite Wiz:

Form a 4 or 5 or more letter word – You decide  


Double Fun Wiz:

Use 20 cards for the STOCK pile and use the top 2 cards. Form a word including these two letters


Vowel Wiz:

Use a minimum of 2 vowels to form a word


Consonant Wiz:

Use a minimum of 3 (4) consonants to form a word


Pick Wisely Wiz:

One player chooses a random letter from A-Z. Once solved, the player to the left chooses the next random letter until all players had a turn


Kids vs Adults Wiz:

Kids form a 3 or more letter word and adults form a 4 or more letter word


Tic Tac Wiz:

Form two words using the top letter from the STOCK pile for each word. You cannot use the same cards for the two words


The Category Wiz:

Form a word of a person, place or product or whichever category you like


The Noun (Verb) Wiz:

You need to form a noun (verb)…. 


Make you own Wiz:

Play it and send it to us. If we love it, we will print it here and send you 10 Letter Wiz games to share with your family and friends.

Go to our website at to submit


Find more game variations on our website

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